Introducing our very special guests

This trip will feature two esteemed world travelers who are visiting Russia for the first time.  For over twenty years, each of them has patiently tolerated endless versions of “Well, in Russia, it’s like this….”  Nevertheless, no one’s endurance is eternal; now they will see for themselves.

First up is Charlie, a former engineer for IBM who is 80 years young.


Charlie has firmly committed himself to the strenuous task of trip preparation, as he described in this recent e-mail: “Mom and I tried cold shots of Vodka tonight and the cold didn’t help, it still was like a strong medicine.  Don’t think we would last long drinking shots.  It did have one benefit (it settled my stomach).”

Next, meet Judy.  This former educator and administrator has also thrown herself into trip preparations.  “Three shots of vodka and I’m ready to go,” she declared a month ago.  Image

When political tensions between the U.S. and Russia threatened to derail this adventure, Judy was not fazed.  “I just want to know the Ladies room from the Men’s room and where to eat! Now if we can just get politics out of MY trip…..make this all about ME, please,” she intoned.

Married for over 44 years, this spunky couple currently lives in Daphne, Alabama after a lifetime of adventure that has included travel to Spain, India, Denmark, and, most recently, Italy.  On Monday all of us will fly to Miami where we’ll take in one last Marriott happy hour before heading east (far, far east) on Tuesday.

And so we’re off!




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  1. I love this! Now I can keep up with yall.


  2. This will be great, looking forward to the adventures. Sherry Hipp


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