The airplane ride was blissfully uneventful, despite the fact that was eternal.  I sat next to an ancient Armenian lady with whom I could not communicate, but she kept giving me friendly pats on the shoulder and occasionally grabbed my hand.

I got to my tiny hotel– I chose it because it’s near my friend Anya’s apartment– and had a little trouble finding it due to the complete lack of sign and the fact that no one on its street had ever heard of it.  But once I finally found it– four floors up– it’s great!  The lady who checked me in sprayed me with perfume because she said she wants everyone to smell like it.  She also told me she used to be beautiful until her teeth “went outside”– she said this last bit in English.  Then she drew me a map to a grocery store, pointing out where the guard to the grocery store’s gate is.  To emphasize her point that there is a man standing there, she drew an anatomically correct stick man.  I like this woman.

I took a shower and went immediately to bed, which is why I look like this.

Photo on 11-3-14 at 10.08 PM


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  1. It’s hard to comment about a grocery store that has not only a gate but a guard outside the gate. However, the woman on the plane and the perfume-spraying lady at the hotel….well I guess I can’t really comment about them either. Except to say “You traveled to Russia! You’re bound to meet some interesting people along the way!”


  2. Gates & guards are within my experience, as are friendly (read nervous) non-English-speaking airline passengers, but the perfume-spraying hotel lady is a new one on me. Rest up & enjoy your trip. Treba


  3. OMG – I totally know the Armenian lady who kept patting you! Except that she was Slovakian and I met her on a train outside Poprad. Wonderful woman. She kept me from starving to death – basically kept feeding me until I almost burst – but I couldn’t understand a word she said. Give her a kiss from me if you see her again!


  4. Please find out what the perfume is, if you haven’t moved on yet. I’m a perfume geek; I need to know.


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