Back to Moscow and saying goodbye

On Sunday morning I went to Anya’s apartment with fresh croissants.  She made some coffee and some tea and we caught up on everything we had done in the past two weeks.  I really treasure these quiet moments with Anya.  They’re better than any trip to a restaurant or bar.

Despite the fact that she had been up dancing until 5 am, she somehow found the energy to take in a tango lesson!  She’s like the Energizer Bunny.  In contrast, I took a nap and met a mutual friend of ours for dinner, Katya.

She and I chatted about life and depression and then Anya joined us and we micro-analyzed some personal issues…”What did this statement mean?  Does this one word mean that the entire phrase means X?”  I unhelpfully try to psychoanalyze the workings of a Russian-Scottish relationship (I am neither!) until we all give up and decide to go home.

This parting was easier than others because I have a plan for coming back regularly– a solution to both my mid-life crisis and desire to spend more time in Russia.  Will it work?  Stay tuned!


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  1. Eager to hear the plan and glad you’ll be here soon.


  2. Good luck with the new life plan!


  3. I got your site address from Artour at Sokol Tours in Pittsburgh. Nice job, a lot of fun. I also was a Fulbright to former Soviet Union (state of Kazakhstan) for two years (1996-98). Here’s my book on the Trans-Sib RR. Kind regards, Robert


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