Wrapping things up

It was time for me to leave and get back to working exclusively on Arizona time. This trip certainly revved up my excitement for expanding my law practice to Russia. I really dig new projects—having to learn new things in my work keeps me energized and engaged. Two things really stuck out at me as skills I need to develop:

  • I need to develop a sleep strategy for international work. I’m sure this is a thing now—so many people work remotely and internationally. There must be a wheel invented that I can use;
  • I need to work on my Russian immigration law vocabulary. Now that I have a native Spanish-speaker as an assistant at home, I speak Spanish almost exclusively at work all day. That means my Spanish explanations of immigration law are well-honed. I’ve got some phrases that I say again and again and again….and those pop out when I start talking about this stuff in Russian. There’s only one thing that will solve this: practice. So I’ll start practicing these bits to myself out loud at home and even record myself saying them so I can listen in the morning. My brain’s been getting a hell of a linguistic workout and it’s time I got it in shape.

Next return trip is May 1-19 and there are many exciting things on the agenda. We’re trying to hold some free seminars on immigration law for promotional purposes, it’ll be the 70th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany and….I’m trying out a new apartment with a potentially better kitchen. Stay tuned.

And the new website is up!  http://russian-immigration.com

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