BAM & Baikal

Chapter 1: Introduction.


Chapter 2: Planned Route  bammap


Chapter 3:  Whole country, for perspective   12505


Chapter 4:  Most of the way there 


Chapter 5:  I’ve arrived!


Chapter 6:  Khabarovsk photo (1)




Chapter 7:  First day in Komsomolsk-na-Amure  P1000206



Chapter 8:  Morning of second day in Komsomolsk  KnA morning


Chapter 9:  Komsomolsk famous


Chapter 10: Second day in Komsomolsk and first day on the BAM  20130223-093745.jpg



Chapter 11:  Tynda!  20130223-190715.jpg



Chapter 12:  Arrival to Severobaikal’sk


Chapter 13:  Goudzhekit


Chapter 14:  First walk to Baikal

me on ice




Chapter 15:  Yes, I’m in Siberia but what I really needed was a bikini  fishing




Chapter 16:  Ulan Ude  me and leninhead




Chapter 17:  The amazing Dusya  us eating




Chapter 18:  Back in the USSR


Chapter 19:  Best day maybe ever

me laying on ice




Chapter 20:  Moscow is old hat to me


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