Rachel’s parents go to Russia

Chapter 21:  And we’re back!

Chapter 22:  Introducing our very special guests

Chapter 23:  Failing at blogging

Chapter 24:  Miami to Moscow….finally  IMG_0450




Chapter 25:  Daniel: extra hands and extra brain  us and Daniel




Chapter 26:  From Tretyakov to Tchaikovsky  dinner with Anya




Chapter 27:  Victory day celebrations  Rachel and flag




Chapter 28:  Georgian dinner  pkhali




Chapter 29:  The Kremlin and dinner with dear friends  Sasha and Nastya 2




Chapter 30:  To St. Petersburg with some Mozart  marinsky 2




Chapter 31:  Tatiana, and other beautiful things  another inside of Spas na krovi




Chapter 32:  Catherine’s Palace and Putin’s birthday restaurant  Hall of mirrors




Chapter 33: The Hermitage…and a late night for me   grand staircase




Chapter 34:  Peterhof and a crazy dessert  wilsons on bridge




Chapter 35:  Rich and poor, a day with a theme  Wilsons in front of Hermitage

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