Chapter 1:  Why are you going to Russia in November?    Volga_Volga-904898667-large






Chapter 2: The Russian Academy of Sciences  me at RAS_0598




Chapter 3:  The Irony Museum  IMG_0633



Chapter 4: “Everyone needs to be proud of something.”–Andrei  cropped rodina



Wednesday afternoon


Chapter 5: Saratov: delightful City of Nerds  gagarin




Three sweaty, smelly men

Chapter 6:  Kazan is BOOMING!  mosque celing




A fucked-up travel day that was entirely my fault

How’s that mid-life crisis going?

Chapter 7:  An afternoon in Chuvashia  rock5




Chapter 8: Razdolye Part 1  haystack and reflection3




Chapter 9: Razdolye Part 2   me laughing and sweating



Leaving Razdolye and “tour” of Yoshkar-Ola


Back to Moscow and saying goodbye

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